Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Blog Reflection #2

  1. What does the work toward our “WHY” create for our Community?
  2. What improvements have you seen in our community, school and organizations that have come from the work we are doing together to build community?
  3. What LEGACY has the SOC created thus far, that will support community building in the future?
Legacy building is something we strive to do at Thomas Nelson. Creating a legacy for all the student organizations, including the Girls soccer program is very important. We are planning on setting a date with our community partner to feed the homeless at Bardstown First Christian Church within the next month. Creating a strong legacy within not only our school community, but within the community of Nelson County is needed in becoming successful. As we look into the future of SOC we see an endless amount of opportunities to grow and change to form into a caring and community impacting class while having the responsibility of being a LEADER of our organization. We want to make the community stronger, and with that we make ourselves stronger too. Through RUSH we got to meet incoming eighth graders and encourage them to join Girls Soccer this upcoming school year. I am planning on reaching out to them soon and having them come out to practices this summer. The SOC class has given me the opportunity to create new things and create a legacy for years to come.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Semester 1 Reflection

September Eleventh, Twenty Seventeen. Taylor Martin Memorial Game. A game in memory of a life so precious, so loved, and where we raise funds for a scholarship in her name. Care took place at this event. From setting up, during, and cleaning up, care was in the air. SOC gave me the opportunity to connect with Coach Martin, and gave me the platform to make this night one to remember. Being in SOC, and having the opportunity to plan and have volunteers for this event gave me the opportunity to grow on my ideas, and gather new ideas for years to come. In the future, I can hand down documents and notes I took for this event, and share my ideas and others ideas to keep growing this program. Connecting with the Nelson County Girls Soccer Team brings everyone together, but the friendships we make before the game become rivals on the field. The growth of not only this night but also this program goes beyond one night, it gathers different groups of people. Alumni coming home, young children being inspired to play soccer, and even parents wanting to get involved within this sport. I see growth in the future, and this program being very successful. Growing bonds within the Girls Soccer program, and even becoming partners with other organizations too. 

I am proud of the dedication each officer has towards making the new SOC class grow and become an opportunity for everyone to share ideas and become better all around. This semester was filled with many proud moments. From the Football team making it to playoffs to the SOC Angel Tree new tradition, to RUSH week, and even the SOC retreat at the beginning of the semester. Everyone was supportive of all ideas, and we accomplished many things this semester. I can not wait to see how next semester goes. Good luck to everyone!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How to Best Support our End of Season Celebration Banquet

As another season has drawn to a close, there are a variety of end of the season items that need to be addressed.

First, we will host an end of the season celebration to commemorate our season and our Lady Generals Soccer community. This celebration will occur on Sunday, November 12th from 5:00-6:30PM at TNHS Cafeteria. The event will center around connecting with one another, celebrating the gifts of our players, and reflecting upon our season. To ensure its success, I will need the following support from our community:
  1. The banquet will be a potluck meal. The meat will be purchased and bought by the booster club, and then all players will be responsible for bringing at least one side dish to support the meal. We will be having fried chicken and will plan on eating at 5:00PM. Please click on this document to view the item that we have requested you to bring. If you have a specialty dish that you would like to bring, please feel free to make adjustments to the sheet.
  2. Uniform Collection - all player uniforms (BOTH old and new uniform) should be properly washed, bagged, and returned AT the banquet. When uniforms were distributed at the beginning of the season it was documented what pieces of the TNHS uniform was given to you to use; all parts of your uniform must be returned. Players who fail to return their uniform or parts of their uniform will have a charge placed on their student account until it is returned or purchased. 
Stay tuned for additional posts if necessary. Please reach out to me or a Legacy Core member if you need assistance completing the tasks outlined above.

Monday, November 6, 2017

End of Season Celebration - Banquet Attendance

Reminder that our end of season celebration banquet will take place this Sunday, November 12 from 5:00-6:30PM at TNHS cafeteria. Please communicate how many will be attending the banquet from your party on THIS GOOGLE FORM. Even if you have scheduling conflicts and as a result will not be able to attend, please communicate by filling out this form. These numbers will be utilized to determine how much chicken to order.

Additionally, please check the blog in the next few days to see how parents can support the end-of-season celebration. Stay tuned.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Vote For Player Character Awards

  1. Character Awards - At our upcoming end-of-season celebration, we will honor select individuals for demonstrating outstanding character throughout the course of the season. All players will have an opportunity to vote for student-athletes who best exemplified the traits described for each award. We will have one representative from both the JV and Varsity teams be recognized for each award. Before you vote, please read the descriptions for each award below so you know what we're looking for. Varsity team members will vote for the varsity awards, while JV team members will vote for the JV awards. If you were a dual player, then you will vote for both. 
    • Higher Purpose Award - A player who exemplifies these characteristics played for a higher purpose. They did not use the game to just compete and win, but they used the game to help prepare them for life. They sought excellence in all areas - in the classroom, outside of school in their community, as a person, and as a player.
    • Community Award - A player who exemplifies these characteristics has invested a lot of energy into building the community within our program. They reached out to develop relationships with ALL of our teammates. They reached out to help support others on and off of the field. They were a consistent positive life force - someone others wanted to be around.
    • Team over Individual Award - A player who exemplified these characteristics ALWAYS placed the needs of the team above their own needs. They would sacrifice their own self-interest for the greater good of the team. They played for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back of the jersey.
    • Pursuit of Excellence Award - A player who exemplified these characteristics consistently looked to themselves for ways to improve. They consistently worked to get better by focusing on the small things. They never settled for "that was good enough". They pushed the tempo in practice and they constantly pushed themselves and the team to improve.
    • LEADER Award - A player who exemplified these characteristics was a true LEADER on our team and to our program. Others looked up to this person and they were a player who you would follow. They represented and lived our LEADER values on a consistent basis.
    • JV PLAYER AWARDS - Vote Here      
    • VARSITY PLAYER Awards - Vote Here
NOTE: You MUST submit your vote by Friday, November 3rd, 3:15PM!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Generals CARE - Fundraiser Benefit for Logan Chevalier

Nelson County Soccer Community,

The Nelson County Youth Soccer League is hosting a 3v3 soccer tournament as a fundraiser benefit for Logan Chevalier. This fall I had the privilege to work with Logan as I helped coach Eli's U8 rec soccer team, and Logan is the nicest and most kindhearted individual that you'll ever meet. Logan and his family received heartbreaking news as he has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and is currently staying at Kosair hospital.

To help raise money for his family during this time of need, NCYSA is hosting a 3v3 soccer tournament at Dean Watts Park on November 18th. Each team will consist of no more than 6 players. This will be a one day event at Dean Watts Park. To sign up for this event, fill out the attached form (CLICK HERE) and bring your money to Coach Martin OR report to Dean Watts concession stand during the time frames listed below.

Thursday, November 2, 4:30-6:30PM
Friday, November 3, 5:30-7:30PM
Thursday, November 9 4:30-6:30PM
Saturday, November 11 from 1:00-3:00PM

The deadline to sign up is November 12th. Please contact Vickie Fulkerson at 502.507.0462 if you have additional questions or concerns. Finally, please help spread this information by passing this along to others.


Alex Martin

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Lady Generals PLAYERS, Vote For Our Homecoming Nominee

Lady Generals Players,

TNHS fall homecoming will take place on Friday, October 13th during halftime our home football. Each organization will nominate one SENIOR LEADER to represent their organization for homecoming. This student nominee should ultimately embody and live our LEADER values and they should be someone who represents our organization well, on and off the field.

Please click on the following link to vote for a homecoming nominee to represent the girls soccer team. This nominee will then be placed on the initial ballot for the whole school to vote. I need ALL PLAYERS to vote by 3:00PM today, September 14, 2017. The voting window will close at that time.


Alex Martin