Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Honoring the Work of Coach Whitfield


Also discussed at our recent player's meeting, Assistant Coach Maggie Whitfield will be resigning from her position at Thomas Nelson to pursue opportunities to teach abroad. Although, I support Maggie in the pursuit of her dreams, it's unfortunate that Coach Whitfield will not be returning to our staff. Maggie is a very strong and caring LEADER whose work impacted a number of players and students this past season and school year. Coach Whitfield's strong presence helped make me a better coach and I am grateful that I had an opportunity to work along side her. I want to encourage you to reach out to Coach Whitfield to express your gratitude and to wish her the best of luck with her future plans.

At this time, I do not have someone in mind for assistant coach. Nelson County Schools will post this position on their website, so it will be open for people to apply. I will be brainstorming options whom I feel best align to our mission and whom can best support our program moving forward. Thank you for continuing to support of our program and our community.


Alex Martin

Friday, May 18, 2018

Quarter 4 SOC Reflection

  1. How do you wish to help others in your student organization to be their best selves next year?
  2. In what ways do you want your student organization to build on service for your community partner? What have you learned from the experience.
  3. What do you want to experience next year? What steps do you need to take to achieve this?

Coming into this year as a new SOC rep, I often had questions on what this process would look like and be.
Striving to not only be my best self on the field but also the classroom was a step I needed to take personally
all four years of being here. Next year, the new rep has amazing leadership skills, and will do the job just like
it would need to be done. I am super excited to be working with Sammi Howard to ensure all of my action
steps can be built upon and made into something more. Instead of having one service project, she can plan
two. She will ensure everyone around her that they can be pushed into becoming a great leader. With the
help of her peers, she can be pushed to become a bigger and better leader. I have learned that it is hard
having attendance at certain events held with your community partner, so try and promote the idea during
the season so when the time rolls around, you can easily gather people to attend the event.

  1. What methods of communication will you utilize next year to ensure the needs of all stakeholders were met? How will you ensure your communication demonstrate a connection to the larger mission/vision? What would you change?
  2. What questions should you be asking that you are not?
  3. Does your blog connect with the community?
  4. How might your small group, organization, or SOC help you?
Before this year I had never wrote more than ten emails in a school year. This year, in order to ensure proper communication with my sponsor, community partner, and many other people I used email as my main method of communication. Having a one on one conversation on email and making sure it is easy to read and understand is important. With Coach Martin leading the blog and remind 101 system it is easy for him to stay in touch with the community, players and their parents and keeping them involved and informed with everything going on.

1. What is ONE Thing you are most proud of for your work today? What is ONE Thing you need to dedicate more energy to?

In SOC this year we had time to create many new projects and ideas get others involved and to get involved within our community. With this time I was able to make things for my student organization and also within the school and SOC. I am most proud of my work with the angel tree project and also the Taylor Martin Memorial Soccer Game. Both events gave back to our community, and we were able to prepare for these events with the time given to us in SOC. The angel tree initiative was as a whole, and the Memorial Game was through my student organization.
One thing I would have done differently is spreading the word to 8th graders and freshman before the season started instead of waiting until we start games to gather people to come and try it out. With the new SOC rep this year, I believe she can start traditions and rituals with keeping the same ones in place. She also can help Coach try and get new faces to come out and see what TNHS Girls soccer has to offer them. It is all about opportunities, and who will take what is out there.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pre-Summer Player Meeting

Hello Lady Generals Soccer Community,

With only six school days remaining in the current school year (depending on which day you read this post of course), summer 2018 is fast approaching. With that being said, the preseason window for fall sports is coming soon! The purpose of this post is to provide an overview of our upcoming calendar while highlighting a few major events that will be occurring during the 2018 fall season.

Each of these items were reviewed during a recent player meeting on May 16, 2018. If you were unable to attend this meeting, please review our agenda LINKED HERE. Embedded throughout the agenda are action steps that each player should take BEFORE the upcoming fall season. Please review these and complete them before July 10th. As usual, feel free to reach out to me with questions or concerns at 502.507.2143.


Alex Martin
Head Coach Lady Generals Soccer

Friday, March 30, 2018

Quarter 3 Fly Closer Reflection

Caring for my community and the members in it is vital for success. In SOC this quarter I have planned a R.U.S.H. booth for middle school girls interested in soccer, helped plan and format and winter formal video and a homecoming video, collaborated with NCHS to plan a project for project grad May 11, I helped set up winter formal, planned and set up ignites, attended a first responders breakfast, and am currently organizing a service project for my student organization. Next week I want to reach out to my community partner and get the date verified, and talk to the team and see who can attend and bring food and items to help. Through the Back in Action dashboard I can see my deadlines and try to meet them and if I can not meet them, I need to have someone help me with what I need. I strive to push others to be their best self, and truly want others to succeed. With the collaboration with NCHS we are given the time and space to collaborate and get new ideas to create a project that will be for all of Nelson County to attend and a great fundraiser for both of our schools. Come to Nelson County High School May 11, time is TBD, it will be a Old School (teachers) vs. New School (students) basketball game! SOC has given me the opportunity to voice my opinion and create new things together.

Connecting with different student organizations and my community partner is important in being a purple cow leader. Some different methods of communication I used this quarter to ensure my needs were met were through email, face to face, and texting. Proactively connecting with those when planning a service project is important to make sure everyone is on the same page. For example, this semester I am planning a service project for the Girls Soccer team with Bardstown First Christian Church for March 22. As of now we are bringing food and going there to eat and have fellowship with homeless people in our community. The program is called "Room in the Inn" and different churches around the area host homeless people throughout the week, and this church is in charge of Thursdays. On another note, our blog reaches out to the community because the team checks it frequently and usually our coach updates us on the blog with any changes or any social events for us to attend. Email is another communication I use frequently to communicate with my coach and other people around the school and community. Connecting is a part of life in which all of us need to do in order to be successful. 

Creating rituals and traditions is something we push people to start at Thomas Nelson. With it being a new school we are able to create legacy's and have those coming after us to help grow our ideas and make them stronger. This semester I have worked in SOC to create and help grow our program and SOC as a whole. In SOC we are collaborating with NCHS to create a new tradition. Going back to this idea of creating, we are creating a foundation for those in the future to build upon what occurs May 11th. My goals this quarter were to not only build the program, but also to create and make magic. One thing I am most proud of this quarter is RUSH back in January. We got the word out there to incoming freshman and encouraged them to sign up and come to a few practices over summer. We will be low on numbers this year, so getting people to step out of their comfort zone and try something different will be good for our team and them as well. Something I need to focus my energy on is communicating with the SOC rep for next year and making sure they know what will be going on next year and make sure they have all the documents they need. This quarter I have created a lot, and I can not wait to see what I create next quarter after spring break. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Community Service Project

Hello Lady Generals!

I am planning a service project with Bardstown First Christian Church for March 22, time is TBD. They host homeless people around the Nelson County area, for "Room in the Inn". We will be feeding and eating with them and some other community members. Caroline Boone and I have made a spreadsheet which you can put your name, and what food dish you are bringing. Service opportunities are all around, please come out and support our community and help others! It is a great program and is a good opportunity to come out and have team bonding and get together even though its off season. Please let me know by Sunday, March 18th, if you are able to attend!! 
Thank you! Hope to see you there. 

You can contact Alex Barlow (502) 507-7339 if you have any questions or concerns.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Blog Reflection #2

  1. What does the work toward our “WHY” create for our Community?
  2. What improvements have you seen in our community, school and organizations that have come from the work we are doing together to build community?
  3. What LEGACY has the SOC created thus far, that will support community building in the future?
Legacy building is something we strive to do at Thomas Nelson. Creating a legacy for all the student organizations, including the Girls soccer program is very important. We are planning on setting a date with our community partner to feed the homeless at Bardstown First Christian Church within the next month. Creating a strong legacy within not only our school community, but within the community of Nelson County is needed in becoming successful. As we look into the future of SOC we see an endless amount of opportunities to grow and change to form into a caring and community impacting class while having the responsibility of being a LEADER of our organization. We want to make the community stronger, and with that we make ourselves stronger too. Through RUSH we got to meet incoming eighth graders and encourage them to join Girls Soccer this upcoming school year. I am planning on reaching out to them soon and having them come out to practices this summer. The SOC class has given me the opportunity to create new things and create a legacy for years to come.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Semester 1 Reflection

September Eleventh, Twenty Seventeen. Taylor Martin Memorial Game. A game in memory of a life so precious, so loved, and where we raise funds for a scholarship in her name. Care took place at this event. From setting up, during, and cleaning up, care was in the air. SOC gave me the opportunity to connect with Coach Martin, and gave me the platform to make this night one to remember. Being in SOC, and having the opportunity to plan and have volunteers for this event gave me the opportunity to grow on my ideas, and gather new ideas for years to come. In the future, I can hand down documents and notes I took for this event, and share my ideas and others ideas to keep growing this program. Connecting with the Nelson County Girls Soccer Team brings everyone together, but the friendships we make before the game become rivals on the field. The growth of not only this night but also this program goes beyond one night, it gathers different groups of people. Alumni coming home, young children being inspired to play soccer, and even parents wanting to get involved within this sport. I see growth in the future, and this program being very successful. Growing bonds within the Girls Soccer program, and even becoming partners with other organizations too. 

I am proud of the dedication each officer has towards making the new SOC class grow and become an opportunity for everyone to share ideas and become better all around. This semester was filled with many proud moments. From the Football team making it to playoffs to the SOC Angel Tree new tradition, to RUSH week, and even the SOC retreat at the beginning of the semester. Everyone was supportive of all ideas, and we accomplished many things this semester. I can not wait to see how next semester goes. Good luck to everyone!