Friday, August 11, 2017

Upcoming Weekend Events

Reference the details below concerning Family Fun Events that are taking place this weekend. After reviewing the details, ALL PLAYERS should text Coach Martin before this Saturday at 9:00AM with the following information:

  1. Are you attending the Louisville City FC Match on Saturday? If so, how many will be in your party?
  2. Are you attending the Kickoff Celebration on Sunday? If so, how many will be in your party?
Louisville City FC Match
The Lady Generals are planning to travel to the Louisville City Soccer game on August 12. We plan to meet at Thomas Nelson at 4:15PM and eat at Hometown around 4:30. Parents and family members are more than welcome to attend. Players/Parents need to anticipate on bringing enough money for your meal, $13 per ticket, and extra money for any other expenses. We will also need some parents who are willing to drive players to Louisville from Hometown and back to meet at the school. If you plan on attending or have any other questions contact Coach Alex Martin at (502) 507-2143. Don’t forget to wear purple! Hope to see you there.

Kickoff Celebration
The Lady Generals Soccer Community will gather on Sunday, August 13 from 5:00-6:30PM at TNHS Cafeteria to celebrate the kickoff of our upcoming season. We plan to eat, celebrate new program members, and discuss particulars regarding our season and program. For each player, at least one parent representative is expected to attend, and additional family members are welcome.

The soccer program will purchase Subway sandwiches for all to eat, but we request that players and parents please bring AT LEAST one of the following, large bag of chips, large drinks (gallon of tea, lemonade, 2-liters, water, etc), sandwich condiments (Miracle Whip, mayonnaise, pickles, lettuce, tomato, etc), or a batch of cookies. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional ideas to support this event.

Note: We will also hold mandatory practice from 3:00-4:30PM to prepare for Monday's games.

Friday, July 28, 2017

TNHS Field Clean-Up

Lady Generals Soccer Community,

Good afternoon. The fall soccer season has officially begun and practices are in full swing. This morning marked only our third July practice, but I'm very proud of the girls for their positive attitudes and hard work ethics thus far. Following practice, I toured our athletic campus, and a simple walk around campus helped remind me how fortunate we are to be able to use such nice facilities. We are very blessed! With scrimmages and games quickly approaching, we need to do our part to ensure our soccer facilities remain in world-class condition. Our first home scrimmage takes place on Wednesday, August 2 vs. South Oldham. So, in partnership with the boys soccer team, we will host TNHS Soccer Field-Clean Up on Saturday, July 29th from 9:00-11:00AM.

During this time, volunteer parents and players will work together to clean the concession stand and press box, power-wash the home and away bleachers and sidewalk areas, and line and paint our game field with necessary soccer lines. We need to locate at least 5 parents/players to assist with the cleaning process and at least 2 parents/players to assist with lining the field. In addition, we need a few materials to help make this process successful. These materials include several water hoses, extension cord, shop vac, cleaning materials for concession areas, rags, power-washer, etc. If you could assist this event by volunteering your time or help by bringing some of the materials listed above, please contact Coach Whitfield at 270.872.8721 and let them know how you can support.

Kris Cecil and I will be at TNHS on Friday, July 28th at 10:00AM to begin lining the soccer field (it's roughly a 3-4 hour process). If you would like to assist with this process please contact Coach Whitfield at the number listed above.

Thank you for doing your part of Take Care of This Place.

Alex Martin

Friday, July 21, 2017

Bluegrass Games 2017 - Important Information

Saturday, July 22
Thomas Nelson (H) vs. Western Hills (A) at 12:30PM on Field 10
East Jessamine (H) vs. Thomas Nelson (A) at 6:30PM on Field 1

Sunday, July 23
Thomas Nelson (H) vs. Scott County (A) at 12:30PM on Field 10


Lexington Christian Academy
450 W Reynolds Rd
Lexington, KY 40503

Keys to Remember

  • We will NOT be taking a bus, parents are responsible for getting their kids to the game. Please contact Coach Martin at 502.507.2143 if you need transportation support.
  • Players should arrive 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to the game.
  • Stay hydrated with lots of water. Temperatures should get fairly warm.

Map of Complex

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What You Need to Know Before Pre-Season?

Lady Generals Soccer Community,

I couldn't be more excited to kick-off another season of learning and competition with the Lady Generals Soccer Program. Our goal is to continue learning and growing together as we work towards building a world-class program.

Our coaching staff recently met with players who are interested in participating in our program for the upcoming season. If you were unable to attend that meeting, then you can find all of the information discussed in the link below. Items discussed at this meeting included important summer dates, rituals and traditions, how to stay in the communication loop, a prescribed fitness program, physicals, and next steps. Please review this document in its entirety if you were unable to attend.

Additionally, all of the important links on the right side of our blog have been updated and are accurate. Keep in mind that many of these items are subject to change. Therefore, I do NOT recommend that you print these; instead, you should continue to visit our blog and use the provided links to ensure you aware of our most recent updates. You'll also notice the dates for many of the rituals and traditions we want to implement in 2017 have already posted on the calendar. Please scroll through the calendar to view important dates for the future as well.



Also, I'm very pleased to announce the hiring of new assistant coach, Ms. Maggie Whitfield! Coach Whitfield will bring a ton of passion, energy, and positive personal experiences from the game to our program. See Coach Whitfield's purple cow tidbits below.


Alex Martin

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Calling Lady Generals Soccer Pictures

We need your help! Our Lady Generals Soccer Program needs you to share any player or team photo taken from this season with our Legacy Core LEADERs. Through this photo collection process, we will create a picture slideshow to present at our end-season-celebration. Suggested pictures include on- and off-the-field photos of players and/or community supporters. You can add your photos by uploading them from your computer into the folder link below or you can simply text these images to either Cameron Boone, Joanna Whitis, or Claire Hicks (see numbers below) and they will ensure to add them to our collection. Thanks!

Cameron Boone - 502.827.2781
Joanna Whitis - 502.827.4394
Claire Hicks - 502.349.5343

Friday, November 4, 2016

End of the Celebration and Logistics

As another season has drawn to a close, there are a variety of end of the season items that need to be addressed.

First, we will host an end of the season celebration to commemorate our season and our Lady Generals Soccer community. This celebration will occur on Sunday, November 13th from 3:00-4:30PM at TNHS Cafeteria. The event will center around connecting with one another, celebrating the achievements of our players, and reflecting upon our season. To ensure its success, I will need the following support from our community:

  1. Legacy Core members, we will meet after school Wednesday, November 9 from 3:15-4:00 to help plan and organize our end of season celebration. Please reference this document to begin brainstorming and to view areas where you can support.
  2. The banquet will be a potluck meal. The meat will be purchased and bought by the booster club, and then all players will be responsible for bringing at least one side dish to support the meal. We will be having fried chicken and will plan on eating at 3:00PM (my apologies for the odd time, the boys soccer team is hosting their banquet from 5:30-7:00 on Sunday as well). Please click on this document to view the item that we have requested you to bring. If you have a specialty dish that you would like to bring, please feel free to make adjustments to the sheet.
  3. Communicating your attendance - all players or community supporters, please communicate your banquet attendance through this Google Form
  4. Uniform Collection - all player uniforms should be properly washed, bagged with its player name on it, and returned to Coach Martin by Sunday, November 13th (banquet date). When uniforms were distributed at the beginning of the season it was documented what pieces of the TNHS uniform was given to you to use; all parts of your uniform should be returned to Coach Martin. Players who fail to return their uniform or parts of their uniform by Sunday, November 13th will have a charge placed on their student account until it is returned or purchased. We will offer a uniform purchase deal for any senior player who wishes to keep parts of their uniform for personal memorabilia. Obviously, any part of the uniform which is kept by a senior player will need to be replaced before the following season and therefore the purchase price of your uniform will be equal to the purchase price of a replacement jersey. According to BSN Sports, the prices to replace pieces of our uniforms are listed below (click on this link - topsshorts - if you wish to view a purchase receipt from additional uniforms that we ordered three years ago). Seniors that wish to purchase part of their uniform should return all pieces you do not wish to keep in a individual bag with your name on to Coach Martin before the banquet. For the pieces you wish to keep, total your purchase and make a check out to TNHS - Girls Soccer and bring this to the banquet.
    • Short-sleeve tops = $60.00 per top
    • Long-sleeve tops = $67.50 per top
    • Shorts = $32.75 per short
  5. Character Awards - We will honor certain individuals for demonstrating outstanding character throughout the course of the season. All players will have an opportunity to vote for student-athletes who best exemplified the traits described for each award. We will have one representative from both the JV and Varsity teams be recognized for each award. Before you vote, please read the descriptions for each award below so you know what we're looking for. Varsity team members will vote for the varsity awards, while JV team members will vote for the JV awards. If you were a dual player, then you will vote for both. 
    • Higher Purpose Award - A player who exemplifies these characteristics played for a higher purpose. They did not use the game to just compete and win, but they used the game to help prepare them for life. They sought excellence in all areas - in the classroom, outside of school in their community, as a person, and as a player.
    • Community Award - A player who exemplifies these characteristics has invested a lot of energy into building the community within our program. They reached out to develop relationships with ALL of our teammates. They reached out to help support others on and off of the field. They were a consistent positive life force - someone others wanted to be around.
    • Team over Individual Award - A player who exemplified these characteristics ALWAYS placed the needs of the team above their own needs. They would sacrifice their own self-interest for the greater good of the team. They played for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back of the jersey.
    • Pursuit of Excellence Award - A player who exemplified these characteristics consistently looked to themselves for ways to improve. They consistently worked to get better by focusing on the small things. They never settled for "that was good enough". They pushed the tempo in practice and they constantly pushed themselves and the team to improve.
    • LEADER Award - A player who exemplified these characteristics was a true LEADER on our team and to our program. Others looked up to this person and they were a player who you would follow. They represented and lived our LEADER values on a consistent basis.
    • JV PLAYER AWARDS - Vote Here      VARSITY PLAYER Awards - Vote Here
Stay tuned for additional posts if necessary. Please reach out to me or a Legacy Core member if you need assistance completing the tasks outlined above.